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Whether used for entertainment, marketing, or making a political statement, cartoons always make an impact. There are limitless possibilities with sequential art.

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Classic Gangsters
Death in a Bottle

Classic Gangsters

A promotional illustration for a gang of classic gangsters.

The 2 guys on the right were featured in a comic titled Death in a Bottle which was one of the crime noir stories published by The D.C. Conspiracy in the graphic novel anthology: The Spoils of Crime.

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Waynoabozhoo and the Geese

This comic, Waynoabozhoo and the Geese, is one of the Native American folklore stories featured in the graphic novel anthology: Trickster.

2010 Maverick Award winner, 2011 Aesop Prize Winner – Children’s folklore section, and a 2011 Eisner Award Nominee.

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Bad Habits

When a string of unexplained murders in Southern California stumps police, the Vatican sends a secret team of paranormal investigators — three unconventional nuns with unique talents — who uncover a diabolical plot.

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U.S. Marines

Cartoons comissioned by United States Marine units deployed to Afghanistan.

Political Cartoon

Political Cartoons

This is one sample of a series of political cartoons comissioned by Albert Jackson for an election campaign in the Cayman Islands.


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