"This artist fits into that young, smart art that is both attractive, simple and yet appealing to the visual senses."
— Lenny Campello

"Auger's brand of whimsy is unique, clever and expertly executed. He's professional and charismatic and a pleasure to work with."
— John Gascot

"In addition to being a wonderful artist, Michael is a serious consultative designer, branding specialist, and web developer. I have used him repeatedly in support of my large Global/National clients. This includes his work for the launch of a Federal Cyber Security Operations Center, which now serves 20+ Agencies and 150,000 employees in 50 countries. His alternative designs and advisory support led to a well-received logo package that ultimately became the basis of that organization's Global branding and communications strategy. I also used Michael to develop the web site for a National disaster restoration organization, for which he continued to serve as its on-call web master. Michael exhibits an advisory approach that showcases his expert knowledge and facilitates a collaborative process with me and my clients that is both productive and cost effective."
— Ron Davis

"The business cards look perfect! Thank you so much! Such incredible work!"
— Jessica S.

"I appreciate your work and won't hesitate to hire you again or recommend you."
— Djibril Diagne

"Absolutely love it!!!"
— Helen Reeder

"This is perfect! Looks amazing!"
— Jim Andrysiak

"This is amazing! Totally exceeded my expectations!"
— Kayla Kania

"Perfection! It looks great. You really made this project rock."
— John Bolger

"I love it Michael and you did such a great job! I am thrilled with the art!"
— Susan Brennan

"Wow. That is absolutely perfect. Bravo Sir, bravo."
— Michael Plunkett

"I just got the painting and omg I love it it's perfect... Thank you sooo much"
— Lauren Lefkovitz

"Michael's art is wonderful - and its skilled whimsy stops folks in their tracks! Love working beside him at shows!"
— Tammy Vitale

"I really love the painting. I can't help but smile when I see it."
— Jonathan Leslie

"My wife gave me your 'Blue Moon' painting and I absolutely love this work. We saw 'Blue Moon' at the Artomatic exhibit in Frederick a few months ago. We really liked a lot of your work, but 'Blue Moon' grabbed my attention and never let it go. The blacklight setting was pretty cool, but seeing it in great light this morning just blew me away. Thank you so much for your superb talent and your fantastic art."
— Wayne Morrison

"You really nailed this book cover, Michael! I'm really happy with it. Really. Thanks."
— Derrick B. Bey

"Brilliant! I love it."
— James Cawley

"Terrific, thank you for your wonderful drawing and your help!"
— Ruth Johnson

"I LOVE IT!!!! ITS PERFECT, you nailed it!"
— Jeanne Blumstein

"I just got your package with the commissioned artwork in it. FANTASTIC! I love them. They are exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you so much. I will sing your praises to all that will listen."
— Jim Mears

"Thank you very much for the picture, the quality and likeness is outstanding."
— 1stLt James Stanley

"As an artist, Michael has a unique vision that he shares with each project. His attention to detail, coupled with a true love of his craft make each working experience with him a pleasure."
— Bryant Turnage

"Auger Artwork Studios was a breath of fresh air! I randomly contacted Michael after viewing some of his animation on a comedy website. I told him what I was looking for and what my budget was. He told me what was possible for my budget and he gave me an estimate for the projects completion. He finished the job a week early and it rocked. My dealings with Auger Artwork Studios were pretty minimal, but I will definitely use them again and tell others about their work. I have had horrible experiences dealing with people over the Internet (Craigslist) I ended up wasting time and money with people who couldn't do the job. Michael was great. I will stop there so I don't sound like an info-mercial."
— Todd Sturgis

"The graphic looks great, way better than what my expectations were. I love it! Makes me laugh everytime I see it."
— Yeoryios Pantazis

"My nurse LOVED the print, everyone else around here did too! You do great work! Thank you so very much!"
— Tina Conway

"I love it. So professional. Thanks a lot."
— Jamal Smith

"It looks Great! You are wonderful! Thanks so much for everything. I look forward to working with you again in the future."
— Jan Moore

"Your ideas WORK for me. It's GREAT, Thank you."
— Russ Stevenson

"I LOVE it!  I think you've captured the 'essence' of the book quite well."
— Kathleen Birming

"It's absolutely PERFECT! You are wonderful. I will recommend you all over the place."
— Julie Carr

"YES! We love it! We are so happy with how it turned out and can't wait to share with our friends and family."
— Cindy and Carl Maggio

"Perfect. Thank you so much. We will definitely keep you in mind for future projects."
— Terry Laburay

"Thank you so much Michael. It's perfect! You are amazing!!"
— Darcy Vergallito

"Thank you Michael. I love it! Nice job."
— Jerry Parker

"Holy cow ... I am absolutely blown away! It is even better than I imagined it ... it is exactly how I described yet it still has your flavor ... I can't believe it."
— Jeremy Tharp

"I love the picture. It looks awesome."
— John Senger

"You are a great artist!"
— Victoria Inkwell

"Thanks for the completed art work - it looks great! I'll certainly keep you in mind for further work and recommend you to my colleagues. Thanks so much!"
— Madeleine Van Hecke, Ph.D.

"It's all spot-on and perfect."
— Selene Makarios

"Thanks so much, I got the painting today. It's so awesome, you're a great artist, nice work, thanks again!!!"
— Rebecca Simms

"Michael has been such an asset to the At-Large Chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild. Michael's web knowledge, attention to detail and dependablility has enabled us to reach our communication goals repeatedly. Auger Artwork Studios always meets or exceeds my expectations and does so in a quick, professional manner."
— Paula Hinkle

"My mom loved the painting. She was hysterically crying (in a good way). Thanks again for doing such a great job. I look forward to working with you again."
— Mike Price

"Thanks for doing such a great job on the image, I will definately be using you again."
— Logan Moore

"I LOVE IT!!!!! It's beautiful!!! I don't want to change ANYTHING!!!! Thanks so much."
— Patricia Caron

"I highly recommend Michael. I needed some quick-turnaround graphic design work and he delivered exactly what I needed even MORE quickly than I needed it, and was a pleasure to work with. Use him!"
— Eddie Lounge

"I could not be more impressed!!!!!! Thank you again, that made me tear up it was so great."
— Jenni Webb

"Perfect! Thank you so much."
— Brad Goldberg

"I really appreciate it and I will be in touch if I need anything else. I will also let anyone I know what a great job you did for me!"
— Bryan Thies

"Brilliant work. Wow, I honestly didn’t think it would turn out that good, it’s really amazing."
— Matthew Trevino

"I want to thank you for the fine work you did for me. I can depend on you for getting the job done and on time."
— Albert Jackson

"If there is a handyman for illustrations, Michael Auger would fit that bill. There isn’t a medium or format that would prevent him from illustrating it in some form or another... It’s probably better to ask what hasn’t Michael Auger done... Most of his work is of a light-hearted, silly nature. However, he has the ability to appease a more serious project as his portfolio proves... While viewing Auger’s work, it’s hard not to enjoy the almost goofy side of life that he portrays so well. The work is creative, lively, and doesn’t give a sense of arrogance so many artists exude onto the audience."
— Scott Ahn

"Thanks for your great work."
— Marc Wortman

"Awesome! Thanks so much :)"
— Nora Rappaport

"It was a pleasure working with you."
— Wayne Pottinger

"The rendering is fantastic!!!!! Thanks so much for everything."
— Pamela Prue

"Excellent work, Michael. Thanks for being both patient and attentive."
— Jeff Harrell

"I have your bumper stickers and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them! I got all four of them (Fire Salamander, etc.) and stuck them in a horizontal row on my bumper. I also gave my boyfriend your cancer crab painting (he loved it). Thanks again — keep up the good work!"
— Charlotte Crouch

"Michael, You are amazingly Zen."
— Cassandra McFerson

"This looks awesome!!! Thanks!"
— Nikel Davis

"We have enjoyed working with you. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime."
— Ron Davis

"What can I's adorable! You got exactly what I was looking for. You're very talented."
— Eddy Elfenbein

"Everything is perfect!"
— Michele Smith

"I am very happy with the work and will recommend you / use you when the need arises again!"
— Chris Carmichael

"Youdabest!  Thanks sooooooooo much!!!!!!"
— Adrienne Moumin

"This logo looks great, Thank you!"
— John Tuchek

"Amazing. Thanks."
— Ivan Mallia

"I wish I could find the words to tell you how much I love this book now. You have brought it to life. I LOVE IT!"
— Julie Lebowitz

“Michael is a creative, intelligent designer with a broad base of knowledge about marketing and a strong sense of graphic style. He is schedule-conscious and able to meet deadlines. I consider him a valued colleague and valuable resource.”
— Joel Becktell

"Took an incredibly rough scan of a faint pencil drawing and turned it into a terrific, full-fledged, color comic in a turnaround time beyond belief. Change requests were accommodated within hours, and the entire process was a pleasure. Thanks again for everything, Michael."
— Leggo Marx

"Michael was fantastic. We recently started a new youth athletic association in the Olney-Sandy Spring Area. We had some ideas and brought them to Michael. He was incredibly fast and helpful. No matter how many times we asked for an adjust or two it was never a problem. We went in wanting just one logo done and ended up doing three. We would definitely recommend Michael and will continue to use him in the future for all our graphic needs."
— Casey Mcnamara

"Michael's help has been a fantastic today. I've never created a logo before and with his help we had one done in less than a day. I had an idea and Michael took the idea polished it and made it look much better. His response to my questions was also super quick and very professional. Thank you. I would recommend Mike to anyone who needs a new logo design."
— Kristina Law

"Michael is a fine designer with an excellent creative mind."
— Jesse Cohen

"For years we tried one artist after another. We finally found a guy that could do the job. We found Michael Auger, and he got it right the first time! We know who to go to for other projects. Thanks, Michael!"
— Rick and Kathy Logan

"Awesome thank you Michael!!! You were great as always! Thank you for EVERYTHING!"
— Jaime M. Yarussi