Website Design

A well designed website is easy to find and easy to navigate. Below are some of the websites I built and manage.

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JIM'S Inc.

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Web Design 101:

There are a number of different steps to creating a website... 

1. First, and most important, is having something to say (or sell).

2. Next, you need a catchy domain name. A domain is your website's address. Try to think of something short because you want your guests to be able to remember it and be able to type it in their browser easily. It also helps your page rank if you include a key word (or words) that identify what your site is about. Once you decide on a domain name you need to register it. (I can help you set this up.)

3. After you have a registered domain name, the next step is to find a host. This is where your domain name finds the pages of your site to display. There are all sorts of host companies out there from free (usually with a bunch of annoying pop-up ads) to really good ones like the website host that I use. (I can help you set this up too.)  

4. Once you have a domain name, a place to host, and your information and photos ready to go, the next step is design. This is where I come in.
5. Finally, comes promotion. Submit to search engines and online directories.Try to get other websites (especially related ones) to link to you. Tell everyone about your site and list your website's address on all of your promotional material.   

I look forward to helping you develop and maintain your new site.


Web Illustration:

In addition to website design I can also provide custom illustration (graphics, banners, buttons, and even animation) to help your website be one-of-a-kind.

Consider me a one-stop-source for all of your creative needs.